Edenleaf Island Edit

Edenleaf is a lush jungle island located in the south of the Kyoto region. It's main features are a single peak, known as the Mount of Time. A river runs out from the mountain to the ocean of the opposite end of the island.

A town sits in the middle of the jungle, atop a tree. At the top of the tree is a battle field were trainers can fight.

The only way off the island is a port to the north.

Locations Edit

Minor Settlements Edit

The Calm Coast Edit


A small shack on the southern coast of the island, the calm coast is home to the player and their mom. Not much is known about who built it, but rumor has is it that it was built by a man who met Celebi.

The Edenleaf Field Research Camp Edit

Major Settlements Edit

Landmarks Edit

The Temple Of OriginEdit

People Edit

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